1. Anonymous said: I think Capaldi is too old to play the doctor and the doctor shouldn't be old he should be hot But everyone says otherwise and doesn't tell me why I'm not correct ?


    Okay honey, let’s go over this real quick. I did some math on this, so stay with me here.

    1 - 55 , 2 - 46 , 3 - 51 , 4 - 40 , 5 - 30 , 6 - 41 , 7 - 44 , 8 - 37 , 9 - 41 , 10 - 34 , 11 - 28 , 12 - 56 , War Doctor - 73 , Average Age: 44.3

    While we don’t have to count the War Doctor in this, it is true that Capaldi is going to be the oldest person to take on the role. However, he is only a year older than the very first one. Besides, he looks younger than his age while (no offence whatsoever to the other Doctors) the Classic Who era Doctors all looked actually around their age or older with the exception possibly being Davison (5). When it comes down to it, the Doctor was never supposed to be someone to be attracted to, he was supposed to be someone who can teach children (which is what the show started out as) and who can be a relatively positive role model in a time where they seem to be scarce. 

    So in short, fans, especially those who grew up during the Classic Who era, feel that it doesn’t matter how old the Doctor appears. His looks have nothing to do with it and doesn’t even begin to emulate the meaning behind every episode. Times are changing and so have opinions and it makes sense that a younger audience (which I assume you are part of) would expect a younger and ‘hotter’ Doctor, though honestly Capaldi isn’t horrible to look at! Personally, and I’m sure a lot of fans would agree with me, I would rather have a brilliant actor who knows the role like the back of his hand, play the character. I don’t need someone ‘hot’ to enjoy a story. 

     - Erin

    If you want young hot men with six packs go join the Vampire Diaries fandom. We don’t need dimwits like you in the Whoniverse


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    according 2 tumblr all straight white males are evil
    u kno whos straight and white? ur precious fucking sam and dean or bennydick cumbercube or fucking doctor when
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    are they all evil, too??? hmm???????????????

    i lost like thirteen followers and i still will never regret this. 



    if you din’t think this post is hilarious, then I don’t know whateven.

    "bennydick cumbercube"

    This is right and heartbreaking at the same time

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    Culture clash between two brothers on modern vs. tradition

    A monk and a punk

    love this one.


    no those brothers are going to save rock and roll

    I love human beings

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    I can’t, not reblog. Its just too good. 

    Dean’s gun, Merida’s arrow and Captain America’s shield - fucking best of the lot.

    The Sonic Screwdriver though

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  5. Forgive me for I have sinned

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    Born Again [2/4]

    [redone + no text]

    Because David Tennant in a black leather jacket

  7. Every woman wants to be kissed like this

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    i love boys with with really strong accents like irish or scottish. i don’t have a clue what they’re saying. i love it. i hate hearing a coherent boy. i don’t actually care about what you have to say.

    This is weird

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    Here’s the rule about telling someone about something wrong with their appearance:

    If a person can fix it in 5 minutes or less, tell them

    If they can’t…


    That’s actually a really good way of putting it.

    Life advice

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    David Tennant keeping a straight face in this scene is the best acting that has ever happened in history and no one can convince me otherwise

    Favourite video on youtube ever!

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    Some fucking day!

    This is my life mission


  12. Why you should watch Doctor Who (for those who have never seen it)

    If you want to drool over naked people getting it on- watch Game of Thrones, if you want to see millions of dollars worth of special effects- watch Agents of SHIELD, if you want to see a genius solving unthinkable crimes- watch Sherlock but if you want to fall in love- watch Doctor Who.

    I was 9 when I started watching this show (BBC’s reboot) and I take it as a responsibility that those who don’t watch the show should atleast give it one try.

    Basics first:

    1. The show is called ‘Doctor Who’ but the man is called just ‘The Doctor’ because he doesn’t even know his own name. 
    2. He is an alien from the planet Gallifrey who has two hearts 
    3. He has a time machine called ‘The TARDIS’
    4. He has a sonic screw-driver that can do pretty much anything
    5. He travels through space and time making friends, battling monsters, living hundreds of years and yet he is completely and utterly alone.

    Reasons I love it:

    1. The chemistry that The Doctor has with his companions( let’s call them female ‘love interest’ for the lack of a better word) is marvellous. It’s not as simple and straight-forward as friendship but it’s also not as complicated as love.Yes, the Doctor often falls in love with his companions and they often reciprocate, but he never admits it. He knows that he is cursed to never grow old, he is forced to spend his entire life wandering faraway planets and fighting creatures, but never will he settle down. Yet, their relationship has love, anger, jealousy, possessiveness, humour, everything but sex. This proves bodies don’t have to meet to express love, sometimes eyes do it well enough.2. The companions themselves are beautifully devised characters with storylines that set them apart and the relationship that The Doctor has with each one of them is different but equally breath-taking. My three favourites- Rose is that ‘Bad Wolf’ that the Doctor will always be in love with but never admits, Donna is that woman who is the Doctor’s best-friend who is sensible enough to know and accept the fact that he is unattainable and Amy ‘the girl who waited’ and ultimately choose her human lover Rory over the time-travelling alien because she knew how hard it is to find true love.

    The Doctors:


    Christopher Eccleston was given the charge of doing the difficult job of starting the Doctor Who series after it had been gone for years. He played the 9th Doctor, a man with a flawed past, a slightly cocky attitude but two generous hearts stunningly nonetheless.

    10th- David Freaking Tennant Ladies and Gentlemen

    This ordinary boy from Glasgow was obssessively passionate about Doctor Who as a child and dreamed of playing the Doctor one day.

    Then years later, now the greatest stage actor of our generation, played the 10th Doctor. A quirky man with a quick wit and great hair (and so much more, I could write a separate post on him alone)

    What is this man really?

    Does anyone know?


    Ah! Our adorable raggedy man, our sweet giraffe- Matt Smith brought his childish charm and good looks to the show and made me realize that I have girl parts.

    12th- Peter Capaldi, another fanboy of the show has us at ‘KIDNEYS!’ 

    In Doctor Who, regenerations are very hard- when a Doctor with whom you have formed an intimate connection with transforms into a stranger you initially are very insecure and hesitant.

    But in only a few minutes this stranger starts to create his own little corner in your heart. If you like men with six packs and biceps go join the Vampire Diaries fandom, in the Whoniverse, we admire cleverness over cleavage.

    Doctor Who is not an ordinary hero, he does not have biceps like Thor or ammunition like Iron Man, what he does have is the realization that violence does not achieve anything.

    So he always saves the world with his charm and intelligence. Every Whovian in this world deeply respects every actor who has played the character, but there is always that one person you always refer to as ‘MY’ Doctor- the one who took us with him on his journeys to strange planets, who held our hand when the scary aliens attacked, who made us laugh when we were having a bad day, who made us fall in love while wooing his companion.

    A man who we never knew, never met, never saw before in real said

    and we we did.

    You will remember everything, the strange introductions

    The unforgettable fashion 

    The hilarious fights

    The unbreakable bonds

    The heartwarming kisses

    The scary villians

    The words said repeatedly

    The words left unsaid

    The Christmas Specials

    The teary Goodbyes

    You may grow up to have a better taste for TV, you might like the superbly directed Transformers, the sleekly edited Game of Thrones and the gut-wrenching Supernatural but even with its adorable villians and tacky special-effects, Doctor Who will always define you. 

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    I love when he looks straight into the camera [gif]

    This man can give me an orgasm just by LOOKING

    The things I will do to this man


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    HUMAN (Doctor Who “Royals” Cover) — because I had to.

    I’ve never seen a TARDIS in the flesh

    Got new teeth for the tenth
    And I’m not proud of my address
    Coz it’s torn up now, no more Gallifrey

    Refrain I:
    But every song’s like
    Doctor, TARDIS

    This is precious

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    I love when he looks straight into the camera [gif]

    This man can give me an orgasm just by LOOKING